Thursday, February 4, 2010

Compu-Trainer fitness testing

Hello Riders/Racers.
Several folks have asked if I would help them assess their fitness and efficiency with . In response I would like to offer it to the local racing community. Having just completed the Harpoon Indoor Time Trial which also uses Compu-trainers, I've got the bug to see how my own fitness improves as I get into full training mode.
Here are the details: I will be offering a significant discount for fitness and efficiency testing to those who are interested. Three years ago I developed a testing course on the Compu-Trainer which was based on my years of racing/training experience and experience as a level II USAC certified coach. The test is approximately 20+ minutes. The course provides increasing resistance as though you are going from relative flat to a fairly steep pitch over a 20 -30 minute effort (a virtual 6 mile climb).

As part of the full test and reporting , you will receive a personalized analysis report that will outline the following:

Lactate Threshold data - the point where your body can produce maximum power output for a sustained period of time.

Pedal stroke analysis - Balance between left and right legs in terms of power output

Average Torque Angle (ATA)- Comparative analysis between the left and right legs in terms of stroke timing. This will determine the firing times for both legs.

Cadence analysis.

Pulse Power - a measure of how much power you produce at a specific hear rate. (this is the best measure of fitness and changes in performance efficiency)

Overall wattage output.

Cost: For those who just want to do the test without a report the charge is $60.00. If you want the full blown report $100.00. I would normally charge $125.00 for the package.

The date for the first round of testing will be Saturday February 27th. If there is significant interest I'll add another date in Feb/March. I will also do follow-on tests in May/June for those who want to monitor changes in fitness. Testing is performed at my house in South Walpole.

Let me know if you are interested or need more details. Feel free to pass this along to other riders who may be interested.

Rob Belcher

Beeline Coaching Services