Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Root 66 MTB Race

Yesterday was the fast Winding Trails, round 3, of the ROOT 66 MTB series.
With 9 team members racing, some valuable points were scored and some fast times posted. If you have not been to this venue, it is not very technical, all big ring riding. Therefore it brings out some fast road guys who you will not see the rest of the season.
A couple of the newest members were the ones that scored some good points. In the Expert 12-34 Jen Strasser placed a solid 4th while Tate Colbert came in 3rd in the Sport 18-29.
Craig Mello continues to have top 10 results with a 7th in the Sport 40-49. Shawn Mottram came back to racing after a long winter off the bike and a separated shoulder during cross season with a 14 spot in the Exp. 30-39.
Schachte and Martin had a lager then normal Exp. 50+ field but pulled out an 8th and 11th.
J.C. gave the Open Single Speed s shot again and came in 10th, while our regular podium finisher, Susan Lynch, came away with 2nd place.
But the real story of the day was losing J.C. bike off the back of Ray’s vehicle while going 70mph on interstate 84! The angels were watching over us when this went down while traveling in the middle lane. After slowing down and being almost a ¼ down the road, we pull over and it is lying in the center lane with non-stop traffic. J C running back to retrieve his rig how in the world do you go out into freeway traffic to get it. Still no one hits it but they are not stopping either. Finally traffic stops, he gets it and we are back on the road. No damage to speak of.

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